Sunday, April 4, 2010

RTE : Plan of Action

The green signal given to the Right of Children to Compulsory Education(RTE) act 2009 certainly stamps a historic moment to cheer about. But, I have some concerns w.r.t to its assumption and implementation thereafter..

1.How do we benchmark "Quality Education"? If at all a generic criteria is to be worked out, how does our not-so-promising govt ensure to meet the quality part of it in long-run. Also, this criteria has to be dynamic enough to synch up with the changing scenario, do we have a detailed plan to monitor this..?

2.How do we asses the eligible candidate who are actually supposed to be benifited..?
I am really quite apprehensive about it, given the past has witnessed major bad practices in the implementation of similar programs.

3.If at all we successfully meet this goal, how do we ensure that these children have sufficient resource to further their higher education so as to earn a livelihood. Just ensuring the primary education is not enough until and unless we make them capable enough to earn their livelihood on their own.If not, they will be bound to drop out in the lack of resources. So, my point is that, any such act should ensure an end-to-end solution. Just getting the act passed in the wake of vote bank politics would be pretty immature and would lead to wastage of tax payers money. I, being a citizen of India and also a taxpayer, want to see a detailed draft for its implementaion, monitoring, funds needed and it's administration..

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: What's in store..?

Time to bid adieu to 2009. Lets welcome 2010 with all the grand hopes ..
well, if we look from numerological perspective, the year 2010 (with 2big rings symmetrically placed) certainly scores over any other year in this ensuing decade. Also, looking from semantic point of view, it's much easier to spell it out without much of tongue-twisting...nonetheless, there are hell lot of other tongue twisters around.. ;)
Looks like a perfect year !! Now, focus on the content part instead of drooling over the freakish semantic analysis..
As the year 2009 was mostly engulfed in recessionary hangover, year 2010 is seen to have enormous growth potential. Hold on folks.. 'am not into any kind of social service here, if say growth then it is certainly linked with my monetary motivation. Nonetheless, much remains to be seen.. ;)

Amidst all this gung-ho, I started my new year in a perfect bihari ishtyle.Got up pretty early, wished all my relatives and friends (whom I can connect to, amidst the crazy voice traffic..), had an early bath (just to make sure, I do so for the days to come..), did some pooja - path (again for the obvious reasons..), didn't spent a penny (just to make sure, I do so for the rest of year.. ;) ), had amazing gravy - chicken in lunch(cooked in perfect bihari style - ughh !! ..aint I turning out to be a gourmand..? whatever..I just get on a high even with the smell of it .. ),dinner- we had delicious sattu stuffed paranthas..( perfectly cooked..genuinely home made taste..)..what else..? I can't think of any better. I wish, I could get all this for the rest of the year, but thats again a wish !! But, let it be a wish and let me be happy in the mere anticipation itself... :)

Now, the most crucial question..? What's my new year resolution..?
Since, I have to assume sth just for the sake it, so I declare my new year resolution to be "1440 x 900". "1024 x 768" has become a thing of the past, now I want to have more wider resolution. last thing but certainly not the least..I blogged today, just to make sure I do it for the rest of the year.. rofl

Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 Idiots on a date with Santa Clause !!

25 Dec, 2009 - Christmas eve !!
The day, SantaClause comes with a jingle bell & a pandora box aplenty of gifts to fulfill your wishes & dreams and blah blah..These sayings sounds surreal until you really hit a miracle. Until, 5:55 pm, 25 Dec, 2009, I was also of the same opinion, but what follows has really changed my belief so much so that I can't really deny the divine intervention. Here is the account of what happened..

In spite of christmas eve and a paid holiday, we were running quite low on motivation with nothing much to do. Checked -out movie tickets, all house full. Looked like it's really not our day. Having analysed zillion options, finally we resorted to check-out 3Idiots movie tickets which was by far the rarest of the rare option.Still, we thought of testing out if the divine intervention really works. The 3Idiots, all studded in comfy casuals, reached theatre.The panorama outside the theatre was just awesome. Next, we hurled up to the ticket counter queue and as expected we got a BIG NO. For a moment, a sudden chill went through the spine reiterating the point "Dude, it's not your day". One of idiots started proposing some nasty ideas as to how to kill time for next 2-3 hours.
None of them really seemed to impress me. Suddenly, we thought of checking out 10:30 pm show ticket, again a BIG NO. I thought, it can't get any worse now and it's better to switch to plan B before it's too late. One of the idiots was constantly pushing us to follow his plan, but the rest of the 2 were quite reluctant to do so. By this time we had already asked quite a few ppl if they have any extra tickets or if they wanna switch to plan B, but, none of them really seemed to work. Now, it was 5:55 p.m, running low of hope, we already started to move towards the exit gate, suddenly, one of the idiot spots a guy standing behind us with a thin streak of grin on his face as if he has been listening to our freakish conversation, as if the Santa has descended down to earth just to do this's all childish thoughts??
We thought of taking a last chance, one of the idiot approached that guy asking,
Idiot#3: "Do you have 3Idiots tickets ?"
(we somehow didn't want to hear the reply.)
Santa: Yes.
Idiot#2:How many tickets do you have??
Santa: 3
We took the tickets and rushed to the entry queue. It seemed like, all the hollow thoughts were flushed in a flash and has been poured with a trust that can never go wrong. This is how our date with Santa Clause ended, filled with joy, trust and motivation.

Now what followed for the next 3 hours is gonna take yet another blog.
So, stay tuned for my next post.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Should Voting be made Compulsory..?

Democracy: of the people, for the people and by the people. The very definition of democracy assumes that the people participation is of paramount importance in order to run a democratic machinery. Nonetheless, this fact has remained severely obscured amongst the intelligentsia, whether by choice or by the sheer ignorance..? The intelligentsia, who claims to be quite cynic about democratic fundamentals, thus abstain from exercising their democratic duties and in turn impute the not-so-intellectuals for status quo. This indifference or rather apathy on their part keeps amalgamating and over the time it transforms into sheer hatred and animosity against the system and not-so-intellectual class. While this threat looms large over the fate of democracy, it's high time to pass a legislation for compulsory voting.That ways, you remain answerable for what you do.Once passed, this legislation will certainly foster the level of people participation in democratic functionings and also the mandate will certainly fare better than what we have presently.

Recently,in a landmark move, a legislation has been passed for compulsory urban voting in Gujrat assembly for local body polls.Why can't we extend it to parliamentary and assembly polls too.I believe, this move has the potential to bring back the democratic machinery to somewhere near where it is supposed to be.It will also be in the larger interest of common masses to go for it.
I really appreciate the commendable stand of Lalu Prasad Yadav on this proposition (unlike most of the time..).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

28 and counting...

I have been repressing this bubble bust for quite some time now but today I couldn't resist the inner turbulence and resorted to nothing but to write (freedom of expression..),what better way do I have..? hope someone is there to read it..

Before I delve further, Lets try to ponder over a few points -
I mentioned 28 - Do these numbers really have some standing..? Does the increase in the count always aimed towards betterment(I don't want the politically correct answer..)?

Well, from governance and demographic point of view, its good to divide the larger chunk into smaller ones for the ease of governance. Now, what should have been the basis of this divison..? We chose it to be linguistic commonality. Fair enough, I pretty much agree with this presumption. But, in the present scenarios, we have deliberately misunderstood it leaps and bounds - here the precursor has to be lack of better governance due to larger land/population size of the province/state, if this test passes then only we seek for the second step.
In the contrary what seems to be happening is that, a couple of media/voter hungry political parties who have long lost their eminence or who are in the fear of losing, are just trying to gain some mileage out of such feckless demands. I don't know, how do they cajole common masses to support them..? Who is going to suffer..?
Ultimately, it's the common mass who has to suffer. I have witnessed the post divison socio-politico-economic condition of jharkhand.The condition even worsened with day-to-day calls for strike, rampant corruption, unstable government and the likes.
Not to forget, a separate state comes with an additional price to run government machinery, common welfare, conducting elections, feed money hungry politicians etc. Even if a little good is being done(which I really doubt..), that is certainly not good enough for separate statehood keeping in view the amount of dirt that is brought into the system.

If your civil rights are being compromised then you can very well resort to the judiciary, but certainly the statehood is not the solution for that.

Now, why the goverment fails squarely to deal with such frivolous demands..? Is fast-unto-death the necessary and sufficient condition to get the government's nod.
If yes, then we have to have necessary law in place to thwart any such disturbing attempt. Remember, euthanasia is termed a criminal offence and we have a law in place to back it up..? If a common man suffering from some form of terminal illnes tries to liberate his life in a painless manner without inflicting damage to any one else, then why the hell in this world this "fast-unto-death" has not been termed criminal..? That too, when it results in severe chaos followed by a bunch of suicides.

All in all, what I feel is that the increasing count only have some meaning if it is well thought out and delivered on a strict need-to-need basis. Also, the divison is only good till the point it doesn't become a overhead(with the additional cost to support this..). Failing which, the counter would be mighty uncontrolled and what would result is the complete chaos!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Carol & 3-D..!!

Finally, the long wait for this movie materialized today. Though, over this week I had altered my plan to go for "Paa" amidst the overwhelming reviews. But, finally I ended up watching "Christmas Carol" today, and yes, the decision was quite right. I have 2 good reasons to cheer, first, it was my first ever 3-D movie experience and second the movie was based on epic novella by charles dickens which left me no option but to watch it in all enthralling 3-D experience. And, here I am to endorse this fact!!

As soon as we entered, we were given the magic 3-D glass which looked like any other toy glass sold on the street.I was quite apprehensive about the kind of magic it would bring. Yet, I put on the glass and slowly I was getting connected to the 3-D world. Flying over the skyscrapers, u feel u r in some deus-x-machina, and at times you feel near escape when u pass by an adjoining tower. No matter, whatever I utter, u gotta experience it to feel the thrill.

The best thing about this movie is that the story has exactly been reproduced beyond any dilution (unlike the most..) and the characters are truly a symbolisation of what Dickens would have envisaged. I don't know how relevant it is in present context but then yes, the epic tale has been a harbinger of festivity and merriment in Britain and America after a long period of capitalist sombreness.
Perfect Connect, I would say. Eight odd hours have passed by, but I could still sense that Scrooge's long protruding nose is right in front of eyes.

Well, now I am looking forward to my next 3-D experience with Avatar.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Auro's Aura

Guys , I could sense the stark similarity b/w "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "Paa", but much remains to be answered after I watch it out.After Black its Paa and to everyone's surpise BigB is portraying as the son to his biological son.

Quoted from Rediff review "Amitabh Bachchan's unrestrained spontaneity sparkles in every frame. At the same time, the details he brings to the same through his animated physicality, understated vulnerability and understandable petulance is nothing short of awe-inspiring."

The kind of diverse role BigB has been doing of late, is certainly worth commendable.
It may be too early and kind of injustice to comment more, yet there are some pointers which has been haunting me quite incessantly and I couldn't stop scribing it out. To start with - Superb Starcast,amazing media hype and blah blah...but what remains amiss is the superb execution. If we have that capability to pick up those epic scripts then why do we fail to deliver on these fronts. Not only that, the movie mostly revolves around the politics, while it should have been on sth else. I don't know, why can't they do away with this element..? Anyways, based on the reviews so far, it seems to be a perfectly crafted family movie (everyone in the family will find someone to shed tears at) and I would suggest, there is no harm in giving it a least to endorse Auro's Aura!!